National Picnic Week 19th – 27th June 2021

This June, as National Picnic Week unfolds across the UK, it’s the perfect time to dust off your blankets and baskets tucked away in the back of cupboards and indulge in a classic outdoor picnic experience.

Excitingly, this year’s National Picnic Week aligns seamlessly with the Yorkshire Motorsport Festival, creating a delightful fusion of motorsport excitement and alfresco dining.

In alignment with the picnic theme and to promote COVID-friendly outdoor enjoyment, we’re proud to introduce fully recyclable Pukka Picnic Boxes for our fine dining experience in the Towndoor Members Enclosure. Courtesy of Guest Dining, a local, award-winning culinary establishment, the fine dining options promise a gourmet touch to your picnic festivities.

For those not in the Members’ Enclosure, fret not! The Festival offers a diverse selection of food and drink options, including tantalizing street food and a variety of beers and lagers sourced from Salt Brewery and our local favorite, Magic Rock Brewing. So, grab your picnic essentials and join us for a splendid combination of motorsport thrills and delectable outdoor dining.

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