Hill Climb Champion Sarah Bosworth

Sarah Bosworth stands at the forefront of hill climb driving in the UK, navigating the hills with her Lotus Elise since 2004. As a remarkable figure in the field, she holds the distinction of being the sole driver to secure victories in both BARC hill climb championships, triumphing at Gurston Down in 2009 and Harewood in 2012, 2016, and 2017. Her illustrious career is marked by numerous record-breaking feats, the most recent being the shattering of the 2000cc modified production record at Harewood hill climb with an impressive time of 59.52.

In the upcoming Hill Climb competition, Sarah, the hill climb champion, will be making a guest appearance behind the wheel of a 1963 Special Saloon Ford Anglia. This iconic vehicle, boasting a rich racing history with multiple victories under owner Michael McErlain, is poised to aim for glory under Sarah’s skilled driving.

Sarah expressed her thoughts, stating, “The Yorkshire Motorsport Festival presents a new challenge for me. Typically behind the wheel of a Formula Ford, piloting the Anglia is a first for me. The closed roads for the hill climb add another layer of novelty. After fifteen years on familiar courses, the Wolfstones Hill Climb offers a fresh and exciting route for all competitors, especially in my home county.”

Sarah’s Achievements:

  • 2nd Overall – 2006 Curborough Sprint Championship
  • 3rd Overall – 2008 Curborough Sprint Championship
  • Winner – 2009 BARC Gurston Hill Climb Championship
  • Runner-Up – 2009 Midland Speed Championship
  • Winner – 2012 BARC Harewood Hill Climb Championship
  • 3rd Overall – 2012 Midland Speed Championship
  • Winner – 2016 BARC Harewood Hill Climb Championship
  • Winner – 2017 BARC Harewood Hill Climb Championship
  • Winner – 2017 Prescott Gold Cup

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