Mean, green and lean - why being the greenest motorsport Festival in the UK is so important

When we started planning our first Yorkshire Motorsport Festival we were well aware that we were staging an event that celebrated cars, motoring and other combustion-engine driven vehicles. So with climate change and sustainability at the forefront of everyone’s agendas we were keen to ensure that our Festival promoted green and environmentally-friendly practices wherever it possibly could.

From cutlery and tables to electric park and ride buses

From the use of wooden cutlery and using electric buses for our Park & Ride scheme, we wanted to be as rigorous as possible in our attention to detail. We set ourselves some very ambitious targets and we’re proud to have recycled 90% of waste from our 2021 Festival. In the main pic, you can see Paul who has been recycling cable drums with a checkered flag design for use in our food and drink areas.

The Yorkshire Motorsport Festival - the greenest motorsport Festival in the UK

For 2022, we’re looking at more ways to make the Festival even more sustainable, one of the key ambitions being to see if we can introduce water bowsers to enable us to do away with plastic water bottles.

Tree-mendous. How we’re offsetting the carbon impact of the hill climb

For our first Festival, we worked with Holme Valley Parish Council’s (HVPC) Climate Emergency Committee to evaluate the carbon impact of the Wolfstone hill climb, the centrepiece to the Festival, to look at ways of a pay back – the outcome being to plant an orchard in the HPVC’s area.  

We also invested around £20k in land improvements to the Festival site by improving access and drainage, and used second hand replacements for farm gates, as well as recycled stone for rebuilding walls. Recycled steel was used for the construction of stands and other structures on the Festival site and the governance of Motorsport UK was critical in the monitoring and measurement of noise pollution.

“I’ve been in the demolition and recycling industry for 40 years, so this is a big passion of mine -and with environmental matters of increasing concern to everyone it’s important that we use the Festival to promote sustainable best practice wherever we can.  It’s where the automotive industry is placing all its energies, so it makes sense that we take their lead too. We’re looking forward to making our 2022 Festival even greener and more sustainable”. Michael McErlain, YMSF CEO.

Watch out for more updates on our eco-friendly initiatives on social media and in our Festival Torque newsletter.


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